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The environmental factor will likely impact companies as governments implement regulations and carbon taxes to achieve the target. Environmental degradation creates risks, not only for the planet, but for companies in terms of regulations and stranded assets (i.e. assets that experience an unanticipated fall in value due to regulations, societal change, etc.). Environmental factor the E in ESG, also pose risks for companies as well as investments.

NetZero DMRV strives to help institutions monitor, manage and mitigate Transition and Litigation Risk using innovative technologies. As a decentralised data services provider, with research and development capabilities, our purpose is to:

"Rise to the challenge of building information symmetry for Eco-capitalism"

Image by João Barbosa


Image by Paul Skorupskas


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Wild Path


To support sustainable development goal no 13; take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact especially on human life.

Help entities manage climate impact and provide transparency to investors to fuel Eco-Capitalism.

Decentralise emission data to help organisations build a clear path to Net Zero, while mitigating transition and legislative risk.

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